Hi and welcome to Clayburn Copperworks.We are located in Abbotsford British Columbia Canada. A brief history of copper tells us that man first used copper over 10,000 years ago. Copper has been used for many things through out the ages, from decorative objects to cooking utensils. Now of course copper is used in plumbing, electrical components, wire and a stack of modern uses.

The statue of liberty in New York city is made with a skin of copper. Here at Clayburn Copperworks our history does not go back quite that far, but we have been around for a number of years. Here in the shop, we make all our pieces by hand. Of course modern tools such as torches, bending and shaping tools and the like, have made the work a little less demanding, the process of coaxing an object or piece of art out of sheets of copper has not changed a whole lot in many years.

Our products here at Clayburn Copperworks range from outdoor fountains and sculptural pieces to indoor wall hangings. Custom work is always welcome and we can provide services from design to installation.

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Happy August!
The mid summer month. It can be the month that you love, hot days by the beach, holidays. Or, it's too hot. I can't sleep. I'm sort of in the middle. Every month that goes by, doesn't matter too much which one, just reminds me of how fast time flies and how much stuff I want to do. Mustn't waste any time. Get out there and do stuff, even if it's as simple as going for a walk, fill the days with experiences. I'll be back in lovely Ladner B.C. Aug. 14 & 28th. for the ever popular Ladner Village Market. As always, get out there and support your artists when ever you can.
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